To Neptune at Finisterra

In Galicia, Spain, there’s a cape and town called Fisterra, from Latin finisterra (Land’s End). It’s very close to Galicia’s westernmost point and it has a long History of religious significance: surrounded by menhirs, an altar to the sun supposedly stood there, where once a Roman general is said to have watched the solar disc sink into the ocean. The place later became the final destination for one of the several pilgrimage trails of Santiago and it remains so today, increased by tourists who, like others before them, seek the cape to contemplate the ocean or watch the sunset.

When I was there, and after making offerings to several Gods and the local wights, I erected an altar of pilled stones to Neptune. It’s located on a boulder at the edge of a cliff, on the other side of a hill of pine trees just before reaching the lighthouse’s parking lot.


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