Back on the road

Vacation mode is at its end and I’m coming back online. There are a few things brewing and it will take some time before they’re finnished or published, so here goes a small list to end the two weeks hiatus:

1. Been doing some thinking on the ideas of exclusive worship of one pantheon and the crediting of revelant moments in our lives to the Gods. Whatever comes out of the brainstorming will result in new posts.

2. Doing the mental sketch for a set of prayer beads dedicated to Freyr. It’s still in project, there’s a lot of thinking to be done, and I’m not in a hurry to find all the materials that might be needed. So I’m going to take my time and let things present themselves, both the type of beads and their organization.

3. Also in project stage is a portable shrine to Freyr. I have a few ideas in my mind, but I just started looking for the right piece to use and there’s a lot of thinking to be done on the decoration. Once more, it may take its time, but the result will be posted here, to inspire whomever reads about it and wishes to do something of the sort.

And that’s all for now, folks!

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