Come forth, unbelievers!

There’s a new page on the top menu and it’s called Series. It will collect the first posts of every set of several that should be read as one. The series on Belief, Ritual and Morality is already listed and the next one will be a set of replies to atheist arguments.

It’s not that I have a sort of argumentative death wish, though there is a thrill in a debate. Rather I feel that the discussion between theists and atheists and the critiques of the latter are almost exclusively based on the features of orthodox and revealed religions. It may make sense, given the prevalence of Abraamic faiths in modern religious discourse, but it does get tiresome to hear a whole category being criticized due to the record of a few. And while some think that that’s a good thing because it leaves us pagans or western polytheists quiet in our corner, I can’t help thinking that, because an entire and diverse group is being qualified based on the traits of three or four examples, we are assumed as having those same traits. For instance, a lot of people think every religion has dogmas, sacred scriptures, moral commandments, an exclusivist claim to truth and/or “salvation” and the belief that all things, good or bad, happen according to “God’s will”. And every religion means us, too, pagans and western polytheists.

I’m not a big fan of people assuming my beliefs and practices based on those of others, and I have good reasons to think that others like me share that feeling. So if any atheist happens to be reading this, bring forth your critiques and motives and let’s shake things up a bit for the sake of greater understanding. And my fellow polytheists are welcome to suggest arguments and counter-arguments they’ve been faced with.

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