In Yule mode

Today’s the second Vaniralia before midwinter (more on that name later), which means I have to start getting things ready for the December solstice. It’s one of my top favourite times of the year! The daily cold, the long nights, the naked trees, and the resting Earth, but also the warm fireplace, the lights, the surviving bright of the evergreen, and the abundance in food and gifts. A celebration of life in a time of death, the empowering of the cosmos amidst the mounting signs of dwindling vitality, crowned by the rebirth of the sun. It’s the lowest point in life, but also the turning of the cycle. And because it’s a crossing moment in time, it’s also a crossing point in space: the gates open, the veil is thin, and the worlds meet; the Elves parade through the fields and woods, the wights come out, the dead return to their families, the Gods walk among us. It is one huge cosmic party in a pivotal point in the solar cycle and it’s only two months away!

Let the preparations begin! And let it start on the eve of December 17th with laughter, drink, and a lively Io, Saturnalia! 😀

Midwinter sunrise in Alcobaça, Portugal (2006)

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