New Year in sight

With the coming of the final days of 2010 (2763 a.u.c.), it’s time to perform the last gestures of this year and start the preparations to welcome the new one that’s just around the corner.

The house and shrines should be cleaned and decorated, the ceremony for Janus prepared and the vows of January 1st written, so that they are precise and can be scrupulously fulfilled if the Gods accept them. Older ones referring to this year still have to be honoured, which is why on December 30th I’ll be performing a sacrifice to Minerva in fulfilment of a yearly voto for academic success (and I have two good reasons for it). The day after it will be Bonus Eventus’ turn, in thanks for the good events or moments of luck in 2763.

With this done, the next thing on the list will be the preparations for the New Year ceremony. Flowers and greenery need to be bought to make a wreath to crown the image of Janus, small breads of chestnut flour and honey need to be baked to be offered to the God of Beginnings, mola salsa has to be prepared, and the fireplace arranged to receive the sacrificial fire. Some of these and other ideas for a Roman celebration of the New Year can be found here.

This said (and because of it), the next time I post something here we’ll be in 2764 (common 2011), which is why I’ll take this opportunity to wish all the readers of this blog a merry end of year and a safe entry into the next. Father Janus be with you!


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