Notes for a portable shrine

Several months ago, I decided to get Frey a portable shrine. Something where I can house a small image of Him and in front of which I would make my prayers and present my offerings to Lord Ingvi. It should be small enough to stand on almost any piece of furniture and fit into a box that I can tuck in a backpack or travelling bag and still have enough room for my clothes and books, plus the occasional extras (like food or souvenirs, depending on where I’m going).

Unfortunately, finding a good wooden piece that fits the profile is proving to be virtually impossible. Furniture shops have no miniature closets or something of the sort and neither do those that sell decoration material. Religious articles’ stores were an obvious search place, but they either have the basics you see everywhere (candles, incense, and images) or the shopkeepers presented me with the usual small shelf, normally with a saint’s statue attached or even painted. Sometimes the right type of piece would show up, like a small Chinese closet or an actual catholic aedicula, but it would either be too big or built in a way that prevented any adaptation. And as a last resort, I even looked for Japanese kamidanas online, since portable shrines are relatively easy to get in Japan, though in this case I could only find expensive ones or outside the size I’m looking for.

This left me we two options: give up or make a wooden shrine myself! I never did any proper work in wood and especially not a small house; however, the only way I’ll be sure I can’t do it is if I try and I’m willing to step out of my craft comfort zone for Frey. So I’m looking ahead into a form of unknown to me and I have the following list of ideas that make out the big idea:

1. The shrine should replicate the entry porch of an Old Norse or Anglo-Saxon house (something like this or this);
2. It should be around 20 centimetres high and 10 wide (7.9 x 3.9 inches);
3. The outer corners of the shrine should have small hazel pillars, each with an algiz rune inscribed and then linked by a rope, so as to create a closed and protected space inside of which Frey’s image will stand (likely a drawing).

I should also put small nails on the upper parts so I can attach strings of flowers or other special decoration for special occasions (like the solstices) and maybe a big Ing rune over the entrance. Hopefully, with the Gods’ help and maybe my grandfather’s, who crossed over to the Otherside last year and whose workshop I’ll be using, I might be able to pull it off. Hopefully… Any tips, ideas, or advises, anyone?

And, by the way, if anyone who sells products for the pagan or polytheistic community is reading this, you might wanna tap into this particular market niche.

3 thoughts on “Notes for a portable shrine

    • Muito obrigado! Eu vou começar por fazer uma primeira versão em cartolina para ter uma ideia da dimensão global e de cada uma das partes. Depois uso as peças em papel como molde para as versões em madeira.

      Já agora, como é que se chama o instrumento usado para desenhar a queimado na madeira? A última vez que vi uma coisa daquelas foi em Trabalhos Manuais no meu 8º ano…

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