Diana of Olisipo

There’s not much on Diana in old Lisbon, apart from what appears to be a votive inscription to Her found during the reconstruction works of the castle in 1939-40. It reads …ANAE …CRVM, which has naturally been assumed to be Dianae sacrum or “sacred to Diana” (Vieira da Silva 1944, 94; n. 1). Since it was used as building material and there’s no previous record of its existence, its original location is anyone’s guess. Another inscription also found on the castle hill around the same time speaks of a nemetus (the exact wording has been disputed), but the possibility that it means some sort of sacred grove (nemus, nemoralis) has never been put forward. Instead, a deity named Nemetius or Nemetia has been assumed by some, while others simply read it as Nemeteus or Nemetlus and reject the possibility that it was a deity at all (Encarnação 1975, 246-7).

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