Lord Ingui’s Midsummer feast (3)

Midsummer day started with a welcome to the rising sun, though unfortunately not with the best weather conditions. A heavily clouded sky prevented an actual sighting of the moment, and so I took the blowing horn and toasted to the sun sometime after dawn. Then I lighted a candle and walked back home, where I did the same with two others next to the statue of Freyr. After that, me and my parents had a substantial breakfast: fresh orange juice, plums, cherries, pancakes, cinnamon buns, and jam.

In the afternoon, I packed two flower wreaths, food offerings, and Freyr’s statue. The plan was to take my bike and ride it to the beach, with a midway stop on farmed land, but I was unable to do it, thanks to a flat tire 15 minutes after I left home. Fortunately, it happened next to a few agricultural fields and a wooded area, so I improvised and used what I had available there and then. The first stop was in a small grove next to a field of fruit trees, while the second was in an actual wooded area (oaks, pines, chestnut trees, etc.). On both occasions, I took the statue, placed on the floor, and presented my offerings to Lord Ingui. Offerings were also made to the landwights.

After that, I had to walk home (walk being the keyword here) and, once I got there, I cleaned the statue and returned it to the Midsummer shrine, to again receive offerings, the final ones on the longest day of the year.


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