Happy New Year!

The year of 2012 CE or 2765 AUC started with a morning bath, the usual first prayers and offerings, breakfast, and finally the preparations for the New Year sacrifice to Janus.

The already usual ceremony was conducted in ritus romanus and had a long praefatio focused on relevant deities for me and my family on this day – Fortuna, Diana, Juno, etc. – but not the main god of the ceremony, who’s naturally Janus. This year, besides crowning His image with a flower wreath, I also gave Him twelve yellow rose petals, one for each month of the year, apart from the offerings of wine, honey, mola salsa, and a chestnut bread I bake especially for this sacrifice.

Throughout the day, I may still make several vows to different deities, since this is a most auspicious date. A happy New Year for all and may Janus bless you and your family.


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