Dominus Ingui: depiction

I finally finished by drawing of Ingui-Frey. It’s a small image, approximately 21 by 15 centimetres (or 8.3 by 5.9 inches), but that makes it more portable and I may use it in a shrine. It’s not perfect and there are a few things I’m not entirely happy with, but there it is.

At the centre, on a pine throne, sits Ingui, who raises His right hand in salute and as a sign of peace. However, in the left hand He grasps an antler, His weapon, signifying His willingness to strike in order to keep the peace, if necessary. As a god of virility, He gladly shows His body, covered only by His green cloak. On His lap He has His ship Skidbladnir and, on His right shoulder, a brooch with the Ing rune. On the floor, cornucopias burst with food and two big penises, while from the back of the throne come two of Frey’s animals: a horse and the golden boar Gullinbursti. The border of the drawing is in gold and there are hazel leafs and nuts in the four corners, as if marking sacred space.

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