A home shrine to Mercury

Several months ago, my mother needed a little help with a work problem, so I made a vow to Mercury, hoping to enlist the god’s assistance. I got what I wanted and, in the last few hours, I’ve been fulfilling my vow, freely and deservingly.

Last night, Mercury was the guest of honour at the dinner table, with my mother at one end and His statue at the other, surrounded by flowers, a few coins, and a candle in front of it. There was abundant food, including desert, and a sensation of well-being. Today, Wednesday or Dies Mercurii, I took a stone column that’s been in my parents’ house ever since I can remember and decorated it with flowers and leafs. After cleaning it and the area around it, I placed on top of the column the clay statue of Mercury I made a few months ago, together with coins and petals. I then lighted a candle and made my prayer to the god, welcoming Him to His new shrine.

The flowers and leaf will eventually die out, making the column a lot simpler. I’m thinking of adding something more permanent, but I’m not quite sure what. Maybe a rope or perhaps braided strings of different colours, inspired by the Japanese kamidana. For now, let the god feel at home at the home where I was born. Maybe I should get Him a small figure of a cockerel…

4 thoughts on “A home shrine to Mercury

    • I was thinking wool or silk, but I’ll let the idea spring forth by itself. Much like the column, actually: I happened to step on a smaller wooden one and instantly thought of it!

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