Was that a hoof knocking on the window?

Pan 02Here’s a little something to spice up any tale people might be telling their kids during the midwinter season. Yesterday, on the morning of the 24th of December, I was doing my usual early browsing online as I had breakfast. News, emails, blogs, and such, before I went for the also usual random search and started looking for things on ebay. I eventually typed in “pan flute”, since I’ve been thinking about buying one for some time now.

A few weeks ago I did a major cleaning in my bedroom at my parents’ house and came across a panpipe from my childhood, bought at a street fair from a group of Peruvian artists. It was old, the pipes were loose and one of them was actually missing. It had no use anymore, but I find it hard to just toss away a panpipe as if it was a piece of trash. The religious association is too strong, so instead of putting it in the bin, I decided to leave it in a nearby wood, right next to a stream, and let the local wights and forest gods do with it as They pleased.

The episode helped reviving the idea of owning a good panpipe flute. It’s a highly portable musical instrument, has its share of religious connotation, and playing it can be a good offering. As I pondered on this on the morning of the 24th, my mind immediately jumped to the gods Who are linked to the panpipe, namely Pan. At which point things got interesting…

As I was reading the entries on the god at the Neos Alexandria and Theoi websites, I heard a bang on the window. It was a windy morning, but the window didn’t shake or vibrate as would have been normal. It was more as if someone had punched it, quick and dry. Remember that scene from the movie The Fog where they knock on the ship’s hull before going aboard? It was something like that. And it didn’t happen once: after a few minutes it happened again, just one isolated knock. Then again a few minutes later. And then one last time. All of this while I was looking up information on Pan. And there was no more banging after I stopped reading about Him, though the wind kept blowing outside.

So here’s my doubt: was it all a coincidence or did my kitchen window just got hoofed? Maybe I should really get a panpipe flute and perhaps add the December Faunalia to my religious calendar. This is how gods often get into one’s religious life: out of nowhere!

By the way, has anyone ever heard of Pan causing power blackouts? Because I just had one in my block, on the night of the 24th. Not the whole the city, just part of my street and three others around it. A two hours and a half long blackout…

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