Night prayer to Mercury

I’ve started organizing a ritual book, writing down prayers, ceremonies, recipes or simply collecting those I’ve been using in the last few years. It’s a bit of an offshoot of my calendar series, which is driving a full overhaul of my practices, and the end result should be a hefty volume. As part of that effort, I wrote down a small night prayer to Mercury, to be used before going to bed. I may give it a tweak or two, but this is how it looks now:

Salve Mercury, God of Winged Feet.
I greet You before lying on my bed, Bringer of Sleep,
So that I may remember You in my slumber
And honour You in my rest.
Bless my sleep, Mercury, God of the Golden Rod.
May it replenish my strength
So that after nigh time I may worship You at dawn.

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