Spring cleaning – well, sort of

During the next week or so, I’ll be reviewing the series on my Latinization of Ingui-Frey. I’m not entirely happy with some parts and have fresh ideas I’d like to add. The rituals, in particular, need some brushing up to make them more fluid and diversification is in order. Plus, I’m feeling reconnected to Ingui and since it’s Spring and I’m organizing my religious practices, the time seems right. So I’ll be writing new posts and editing some of the old ones.

Again, this is an entirely modern thing, but it is historically inspired. The religions of ancient Rome included both native and foreign cults and the latter could be fully Romanized, just Latinized or retain a foreign nature while adapting to Roman practices. This was cultural exchange and assimilation in the making and there’s no reason why it should be any different in the modern global village. In the past, there were Iberians, Gauls and Britons who lived in Roman territory and worshipped their gods in a Roman fashion; today, I try to do the same with my oldest religious devotion. The fact that Ingui was never Latinized in Classical Antiquity is of little consequence: as I said before, if you’re reconstructing a living tradition instead of just re-enacting, then it naturally follows that new practices and cults will arise.


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