This month: July

July was originally called Quintilis, being at one point the fifth month of the year, and it acquired its current name after the death of Julius Caesar (obviously as a tribute to him). The Calends, sacred to Juno, are on the first day, the Nones fall on the 7th and the Ides, sacred to Jupiter, are on the 15th. The first Wednesday of the month is dedicated to Mercury, the 19th to Minerva and the 21st to Ingui. The 2nd, 8th and 16th are considered dies atri or unlucky.

July 3: Njordalia
It took me a while to choose a date and name for my annual feast in honour of Njord. I wanted the former to be in Summer, since it’s the obvious beach season, so anywhere between late June and early September would do. I ended up picking July 3rd, which it’s about two weeks apart from midsummer and in the same month as Neptunalia.

The beach is the natural place to go. To sing and dance by the sea, make sand constructions in Njord’s honour, leave food for the gulls (nothing synthetic, though), take a bag and pick up any trash one finds, make a libation to the Lord of Ships, swim and take part in water sports in His honour or simply walk barefooted by the sea as a tribute to Him, the God of Fair Feet. I have an idea for something special for Him, but more on that later.

July 19: Dies Laris Patriae
My third Lar of the Homeland, as the list currently stands, is the spirit of a man who’s often called the Portuguese Schindler. Aristides de Sousa Mendes was consul in Bordeaux when Nazi Germany invaded France and, against the explicit orders he received from Lisbon, which prohibited him from issuing visas to virtually anyone, he issued dozens of thousands, most between 16 and 23 June 1940 and free of charge, so as to save as many people as possible. And he did it knowing that he was risking his life and that of his family.

July 23: Neptunalia
Neptune’s ancient festival is part of my festive calendar since 2010, after I pilled rocks and made Him an offering of wine in Cape Finisterra in Galicia (Spain). I’m looking for a nearby place where I can do the same or, at the very least, carve an inscription to Neptune on a rock, so as to dedicate it as a public altar to Him. Maybe I should do one for Njord too, side by side…

3 thoughts on “This month: July

      • I always saw it as Quinctilis that’s all. I do see that Wikipedia says both variations are used, and Nova Roma seems to use Quinctilis. I guess both forms are acceptable.

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