A month for Freyr

Trigo 02

Over at Shannon’s blog there is talk of a whole month of posts dedicated to Ingui-Freyr. The purpose is naturally devotional and I assume it also serves as a way of celebrating Shannon’s marriage to the Golden God, which will take place in August. Of course, I’m more than glad to sign up for it and contribute. For one, because I’ve been getting a good deal of inspiration from the posts Lykeia writes on Apollon (here and here, for instance), so a month-long devotional seems like the perfect way of getting out the ideas that are brewing in my mind. It’s also an opportunity to honour Freyr and, what’s best, to do it collectively, since other devotees will be joining. And, as an extra, it’s a nice wedding gift for the groom and groom (yes, it’s a male Shannon).

So this is the opening text of a new set of posts, fully dedicated to Ingui and a nice “accompanying volume” to the series on the Latinization of His cult. Hopefully, it should have 31 posts, plus this one, so I’ll have to plan and start writing waaay in advance. Might even add a drawing or two and present a new piece I’ve been considering for my Freyr shrine.


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