A month for Freyr: day 20

Lovers’ prayer
(for a marriage ceremony)

Bread, honey, two cups with beverage, a bowl and a candle are needed

Here we stand, face to face,
in joyous assembly of gods and humans.
We clasp our hands with love and honesty
and share our lives with all they hold.
We bind our bodies and our future,
together in pleasure, together in pain.
Be our witness, Ingui-Frey!
Bless our union, Golden God!

Both take a piece of bread with honey

Here is the bread of life,
here is the bountiful honey.
May we prosper together
and share our joys.

They eat their pieces of bread before taking their full cups

Here is the cup of commitment,
here is the flow of words.
Where you stand, I shall stand;
when you fall, I shall lift you.

They drink from their cups and refill them

Hail Ingui-Frey, the Golden God!
We toast to you, Joyous Lord,
and pour our drink in tribute.
May you bless our union,
may we honour you with it.

Both pour their cups into the bowl. Then they say to each other as they light a candle:

If your light dims, I shall kindle it;
If your flame is threatened, I shall protect it.
Until our love lasts,
we shall stand together

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