A month for Freyr: day 24

Phallic Salutation
(prudish people: beware!)

Falo - Vaso Grego

I imagined this for a joyful procession where a group of worshipers carries a metres-long phallus. It should be crowned and raised so people can dance and laugh around it and consecrated flowers or water may be showered on the worshipers in the end. Some of the different sections may be repeated several times until the next part of the ceremony gets underway.

Make way for Ingui! Make way for His cock!
We carry the rod of joy and tool of pleasure,
the pillar of life and guardian wand!
Here it comes! Here it comes!
Watch it rise in our hands,
see us move and embrace it!
The cock is here! The cock is good!

We hold it firm, steady and hard;
we move our arms and thrust with love.
Back and forward the cock moves,
back and forward Ingui stirs.
We crown its end, adorn its head:
divine cock, your tip is red;
sacred phallus, your tip is flowered!

Up it goes, steady and firm;
high it raises, Ingui’s cock.
It grows! It grows! With joy it grows!
Place its crowned head in heaven,
bury its hard root in the earth.
The cock ascends! The cock is good!

See its towering glory,
watch its hardened height!
It is the world’s pillar,
the shaft of life,
the mast of the Golden God!
It stands strong, it stands firm:
the rod of joy give us pleasure,
the glorious pillar grants us vigour,
the mighty wand keeps us safe!
Ingui be praised, His cock has risen!
Come and dance, come and laugh!
The Golden God we honour
and His blessings celebrate.

It came! It came!
The cock arrived and we welcomed it,
the phallus stirred and we raised it!
With dance and laughter we honoured it,
with joy and love we praised it.
The cock came and we were showered:
may it please Ingui and may He bless us!

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