A month for Freyr: day 29

As the month for Frey approaches its end, I wanted to compile a list of Ingui’s cult titles. This is in no way exhaustive or entirely historical, but mostly reflects a lot of what I’ve been writing in these last few weeks. The categories are purely organizational and should not be seen as a clear-cut division, as there is a large degree of overlapping. Feel free to use the list in your religious practices and to translate the titles into any language, modern or ancient.

Lista títulos

A final note on the cult titles referring to death: the first two are consensual or at least common among modern worshipers, yet the third – Boar King – is my UPG. How far it is shared by others is unknown to me, but the link between death, afterlife and boars has been growing in my mind. Whether there is something to it or not only time will tell.

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