This month: September

September acquired its name from the number seven (septem), since it was originally the seventh month of the year. The Calends, sacred to Juno, are on the first day, the Nones on the 5th and the Ides, sacred to Jupiter, are on the 13th of September. The second, 6th and 14th days are considered unlucky. As always, in my practices the first Wednesday of the month is dedicated to Mercury, the 19th day to Minerva and the 21st to Ingui.

September 13: Capitolinalia
The celebration of the dedication of the temple of Jupiter Capitolinus, together with Juno and Minerva. I may not be Roman by nationality or live in Rome, but the city is nonetheless the source of many of my religious practices, so I mark the anniversary of its main temple and sacred precinct of Jupiter.

The date calls for a formal ceremony and devotional acts: sport along with libations, prayers and offerings of incense in high places, songs and poetry in honour of the Gods.

September 16: DLP
A Day of a Lar of the Homeland (Dies Laris Patriae) dedicated to King Peter V of Portugal, who was born on 16 September 1837. Pedantic and sometimes snobbish, he was nonetheless fully honest, dedicated to his work and the improvement of people’s everyday lives. For me, there’s something of an alma mater in him, since he founded Lisbon’s first modern Humanities College. In fact, he was a firm believer in the virtues of educating the masses, in as much as he opened a free school in the royal palace and lobbied for public education programmes.


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