Projects (long-term and others)

During these last several days I’ve been pondering and pondering a lot. The month for Freyr was a daily exercise of creativity, research and devotion that was deeply enjoyable, but also tiresome. Additionally (and appropriately), it acted like a mental fertilizer: there were new thoughts that sprang to light as I was writing and there were ideas that came up a few days later; the post on the boar in particular has been giving me a lot of food for thought and a burst of spiritual hunger. Not sure how much of this is just me and my curiosity or how far Ingui has a hand in it. A recent post by Galina Krassokova got me thinking about my move to create a Latinized cult of Freyr, namely on the fact that I haven’t had any feedback from Him. At least not that I remember or noticed. It may be that He’s indifferent to it, that things are so far going in a good direction or maybe He’s just waiting to see where it ends. Then again, the problem may well be me and the fact that I’m no shaman or spirit worker and am yet to find a method of divination I feel comfortable with. So with all of this and more going through my mind, I’ve come up with a list of “projects” for the next few years.

1. Prayer beads
Two years ago I had this idea for a portable shrine, but it turned out to be unpractical. It wasn’t small or sturdy enough to fit into a small bag and make it through a journey, though it was a good idea for a domestic aedicula. A portable shrine needs to be smaller, something along these lines, though even that can occasionally be unpractical, namely when you’re spending the night on a friend’s couch or during a long journey with little time to pause and set up the whole set. Those moments call for something that fits in a pocket and can be used on the move, so prayer beads are a good way of maintaining a devotional practice in limiting circumstances. I’ve been wanting to make a set for Ingui-Freyr for a long time, but I keep going back to the drawing board. Not anymore, though!

2. Meditation
Occasionally, I meditate. Actual sitting in silence and in the dark kind of meditation, but only occasionally. I’m the first to admit that it’s something I should be doing more often, so in an effort to deepen my connection with the Gods in general and Ingui in particular, I’m going to start regular meditation sessions on at least a weekly basis.

3. Divination
In a similar effort, I need to pick or create a divination method that I’m okay with. Runes are a possibility, though my connection to Odin is very limited. Perhaps some other method is in order, either historical or of my own making. I have this idea for something similar to cowrie shell divination, but with nuts or boar tusks. Will have to give that a lot of thought and experiment, but divination is part of a formal ceremony, used to ascertain the Gods’ feelings before and after, and it’s a practical non-shamanic tool to receive feedback from Ingui and other Powers.

4. Tattoo
Getting a tattoo in Freyr’s honour is another idea that goes back a few years and which will hopefully materialize in the near future. Will have to come up with a drawing myself, but chances are that it will include a boar and an Ing rune. More on that when the time comes.

5. Service
I’m unsure about this, but it follows Sannion’s post on Polytheism without borders. I want to contribute in every way I can, but whether I’ll take it to the point of religious service or not is yet unclear, as it means taking the steps towards priesthood and that, in turn, is a joint decision – mine and Ingui’s. I need Him to accept me in that role and I need to consider the consequences for my life. And priesthood, as others have said, is not a sine qua non for devotion and piety.

6. Shrine
I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to own a plot of land I can look after and where, at the very least, I can plant a grove primarily dedicated to Freyr. A more realistic idea may be a home shrine where I can present not only my own prayers and those of others as well. Which brings it back to the issue of service, so that and a private/communal shrine are more of a long-term project.


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