PWB – It’s on!

For those of you who missed it, back in August Sannion brought up the idea of Polyhteism Without Borders. Almost two months later, it gained a life of its own in the form of a website:

Get the word out in whatever ways you can, join the forum and contribute. As Sannion wrote here, “participation is what makes all the difference between failure and success”. Never mind the quarrels, the endless flame wars and online dramas: debate is good and necessary, but there’s a point when it stops being fruitful and diverts time and energy from the revival and modern enrichment of the old cults. Play a part in today’s polytheism no matter where you are and what gods you worship; make practical contributions and help others in their work. Polytheism Without Borders is all about mutual assistance and success for the equally mutual benefit of the Gods and Their worshipers.


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