Prayers at the starting line

So yesterday I started training for Lisbon’s first half-marathon of 2014, which will take place in March. It was the first time I trained since… I guess April. I tend do drop jogging when the warm weather hits and replace it with biking, but now that Autumn is here and the temperatures are droping, it’s time to go back to the racing track and train hard. And I started with prayers to three gods: Mercury, Minerva and Hercules.

I didn’t write them beforehand and they’re not elaborate. They came straight from the heart as I bent my knees and touched the racing track with my hands, but in an effort to recapture my own words and preserve them for other moments of physical exercise, they went more or less like this:

To the God of Winged Feet,
to the swift Lord of the Caduceus,
As I race once more, I pray to You.
May my effort honour You,
may my training please You
and our bond be nurtured on this racing track.
Hail, Mercury!

To the Virgin of One-Thousand Crafts,
to the Strong Goddess,
As I race once more, I pray to You,
to whom I will offer my medal.
May my effort praise You
and my training honour You
so You will be pleased during Minervalia.
Hail, Minerva!

To the God of the Twelve Labours,
to the Mighty Hero,
As I race once more, I pray to You.
May my effort honour You
and my training please You.
May it be a joy for You
and a blessing for me.
Hail, Hercules!

I am of course giving it a few tweaks, since the original words were largely improvised, but with a few adaptations, this is something anyone can use before training for any form of physical activity. I may even use them at the starting line of the half-marathon.


2 thoughts on “Prayers at the starting line

  1. I must say that they’re great, even if they’re mostly improvised!
    I won’t be using them, since I’m not “into” the roman Gods, but I’ll soon start using at least one prayer of mine to Ogmios and the gaulish heroes. When the gaulish new year comes (19/10 according to my calculations), I’ll start exercising again.

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