Happy Midwinter!

The day started early. I got up at 7 am, had breakfast, grabbed my backpack and walked to the top of the castle hill (which takes around 15 minutes). Then I watched the sky going slowly from dark-orange to golden-blue until the sun finally came up. I blew a horn nines times, saluted Sol with a libation of milk and offered wheat to the local wights.

Solstício de Inverno - 2013

When I got back home, I made my morning prayers and offered this season’s first walnut muffin, which I baked yesterday night: half was to given to Saturn for Saturnalia, half to Ingui-Frey for His birthday. Now there’s a bread to bake, a ritus panis to perform and a bike ride to take. Because it’s sunny and, though cold, for me a solstice calls for sweat and smiles.

If you celebrate it, may your midwinter festivity be rewarding and full of light. Happy solstice, everyone!


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