Just too busy

On the lattest online drama, which involves libations, general offerings, poverty and a lot of name-calling, I have three things to point out:

What Aldrin said and what Galina said.

And I am way too busy to waste endless hours in online pagan trashing. I have a life of my own and Gods I strive to worship as best as I can. I enjoy reading what Galina and Tess write because it’s informative, instructive and inspiring, even when I don’t agree with everything. But I will not go through every post on these and other dramas, especially the bickering pieces of text, and throw my own two cents because, honestly, it’s mostly a waste of time. Flame wars will take us nowhere, name-calling will build nothing (other than resentment, that is). Devotion, honest sharing and hard work is what we need, so… that’s it. Back to a productive life.


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