A busy eve for a happy New Year

Long list made short: the house has been cleaned, all domestic shrines have been cleared of midwinter decorations, wreaths and other plant-offerings, Bonus Eventus has been honoured in a formal ceremony, as has Minerva, and there’s plenty of incense, wine, honey and what not for tomorrow’s ceremony, which has a long opening with offerings to ten individual deities and two divine groups. I still have to make two wreaths – one to Janus and another to my Lares and Penates – and also bake a few small breads for the God of Beginnings. And as if New Year wasn’t reason enough to party, tomorrow will also be the first Wednesday of the month (indeed, of the year!), which doubles the thrill as I honour Mercury too; and then again three days later on the Vialia.

It’s a busy season and it’s worth it! So before I log off, I wish all my readers and fellow polytheists a Happy New Year and an auspicious January 1st! I’ll see you all in 2014 CE or 2767 AUC.


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