Hitting the New Year road

A heavy storm at dawn, but winding down as noon approached and a mostly blue sky in the afternoon. Morning offerings of incense, wine, a candle and a wreath to Mercury. A lottery ticket of sorts bought after lunch to honour the Luck Giver. A formal ceremony in the afternoon, with opening prayers and offerings to Janus, Vesta and Jupiter, followed by wine, incense, cinnamon, raisins and honey to Mercury. A request: may He bless and protect me and my household as we take to the road and travel throughout this year. Also a bowl of wheat, presented to the God of Winged Feet and placed at the foot of His domestic shrine, its content later poured into a bag and scattered in small portions along streets, avenues, roads and pathways as offerings to the spirits and Lares Viales of those places. A purchase of new running shoes, ’cause I really needed them, since the old ones have reached their limit after three years of half-marathons, jogging and bicycle rides. And it’s a practical way of paying tribute to a god of Commerce and Athleticism, which is why I placed my freshly bought running shoes at the foot of His domestic shrine. May He bless them, should He see fit, and may He be honoured whenever I use them. Add to all of this an idea for divination and a group of travellers wanting directions as I walked from the sportswear store and you get a great Vialia!

Vialia 2014

The only thing I did not have enough time to do was to take my bike for maintenance. I’m not going to use it anytime soon, since the weather is obviously not in a cycling mood, so I might as well give it a general check. But there is only so much one can do in a day that started stormy, so I’ll just have to do it later. Will throw in further offerings to the Swift One when I take my first bike ride of the year. Because He’s just that cool!

May Mercury be pleased, Him and the Lares Viales, and may They be kind and generous!

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