Not underwater love (but still wet)

Not sure if something like this features in any ancient source – I assume it probably does – but today I loudly and drippingly experienced “sea thunder”. Yes, you guessed it: it’s the loud sound produced by massive waves collapsing on themselves or crushing against the shore. And I mean massive! Trust me, it sounds exactly like thunder and can be just as wet.

See, we’re in for a big storm tonight, with expected winds of up to 120 km per hour and waves 10 metres high or more. This morning, I gave it a look at a local beach, ’cause like the natives I like to see what I’m in for before I decide to run to the hills (so to speak). That place is already known for its rough waters, thanks to the Nazaré Canyon, but today the waves were massive and watching them as I stood literally on the edge was an awesome experience – in the original sense of the word awesome. Don’t worry, it’s an actual sightseeing point and the police was there to make sure no one gave one step too far. I assume it’s closed by now, as the weather got a lot worst in the last few hours; I’m actually hoping the light doesn’t go off before I get to post this and break my blogging fast (life’s been busy). But there was only one thing I could think of as I stood metres away from those watery monsters and heard them crash: Neptune as an underwater Jupiter, wielding His oceanic thunderbolt to the tune of breathtaking gales. Kind of makes you fear Him, which I reckon people do when they face a storm at sea. But on the relative safety of solid ground, I could only admire His might.

Nazare 03

No way I could let pass that moment without casting a handful of wheat as an offering to the Lord of Waters before heading back home. And now that the storm is coming and people are being told to stay indoors after 6 pm, it’s time to light a candle, pour libations and pray to Jupiter, Summanus, Aeolus and Neptune. They’re bringing it down tonight and while Their might is to be admired (I do love a good storm), may They also be kind, especially to those living by the sea.

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