Gifts in sand

This year’s offering sand boat to Njord was a little more elaborate than last year’s, as I added pieces of wood on both ends, shells, oars and gave it a few final touches with wet sand. The place was the same as in 2013: an almost deserted beach usually full of drift wood and located next to a harbour, which supplies for both materials and a symbolic charge, since Njord is a Lord of Ships.

Njord 2014

Once it was ready, I filled a small bowl with sea water (wetting my naked feet in the process, which also has a symbolic significance) and washed by hands and face. I then made an opening salutation to the Vanir, the Elves, the fertile Earth and Her countless landwights, casting a handful of wheat as an offering. And after ringing a bell, I addressed Njord, the Boater of Fair Feet, praising Him and consecrating the sand boat to Him by dripping sea water over it. Then I presented by offerings, placing them one by one in the boat: a wreath, an apple, a slice of home baked bread. The ringing of a bell and the sprinkling of sea water consecrated the offerings, which from that moment on were Njord’s propriety, to be taken by the sea or animals. I poured the remaining water around the boat, levelled the sand around it and, as a final tribute, I saluted Freyr’s father one last time, kissing the fingertips of my right hand and pressing it against the sand. A mark of devotion, if you will.

I did not linger. The wind had blown away the clouds and the sun was shining. So I got on my bike, rode it up the nearby coastal hills and spent one happy hour on the sand of a perfectly shell-shaped bay. It was a good Njord’s day!

4 thoughts on “Gifts in sand

  1. This is beautiful. Thank you for writing this and telling of how you offered to Njord. I had not thought to make a sand-boat for Him; it looks beautiful!

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