Morning prayer to Minerva

Today is an unmarked feast day in my religious calendar. It doesn’t have a fixed date, but it’s normally anywhere between mid-September and mid-October. It signals the moment when the weather has clearly shifted and I stop my almost daily Summer bicycle rides to the beach, replacing them with urban jogging in preparation for March’s half-marathon. I never actually converted it into an actual festival, though my mind has been brewing the idea that it can be dedicated to Minerva. For one, because the practical end of Summer (as opposed to simply its formal end), with the rain and the drop in temperatures, means that my activities become much more indoor and thus more focused on reading, writing and crafting instead of only partially so. And secondly, since every year I offer Minerva my half-marathon medal, it makes sense that the start of my training should be a time to honour Her, even if not in an exclusive manner.

As it stands, however, it’s still a very fluid feast day, slowly taking shape, and this year I’ll be marking it by pouring libations to Janus, Mercury, the Lares Viales, Minerva, Apollo and Hercules. And adding to that, this morning I uttered a brand new prayer:

Minerva 12Salve, Minerva,
the Owl-Eyed Goddess!
I salute you this morning,
with good prayers and good heart,
hoping to honour you today and every day,
Noble Lady of the Olive Tree.
With my hands,
with my voice,
with my mind,
may I pay you sincere tribute,
Most-High Virgin,
and may you look kindly onto me and my family,
oh Goddess of One-Thousand Crafts.

5 thoughts on “Morning prayer to Minerva

  1. Great

    Great prayer. I’m going to adopt it. You can
    have my prayer to Vesta for swapsies…

    Comes Vesta
    to live in this beautiful home.
    Come with warm feelings of friendship
    Bring your intelligence,
    your energy and your passion
    to join us with your goodwill.
    Burn brightly at my hearth
    Burn always in my soul
    You are welcome here
    I remember you.

    • Thank you for that. I’m actually in need of reconnecting with Vesta, which isn’t easy in a modern home where fire has been virtually removed from, so your prayer is a welcome help.

  2. A little question, if I may: do you pray regularly? Like when you wake up, when you cook/eat, when you go out, etc?
    I ask because I can’t, for the life of me, get used to praying daily. I’ve tried it before, but I just can’t insert the habit in my routine.

    • I pray at least twice a day: in the morning, after waking up, and before going to bed at night. It’s not always a prayer proper, since in the case of several gods it’s just a salute (e.g. Salve, …. I salute you this morning). Additional prayers depend entirely on what happens throughout the day.

      • I also do that [saluting the Gods], but it’s usually just to the dawn, the sun, the moon and the cloudy/stormy sky since I don’t know how to deal with the other Gods on a daily basis (do I turn to the soil and greet it?, etc).
        I’ve tried to make improvements and prayed more extensively, but after a few days I usually forget since I’m in a constant hurry and bad mood.

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