Speaking of divine dead

Here’s someone who became one today and started a new journey.

LN - img

Leonard Nimoy passed away today, at 83 years old. He would have been 84 next month, on March 26th. Of course, you all know him as Mr. Spock from Star Trek and that is perhaps his most enduring legacy: a much loved character who’s become a part of popular culture. The Vulcan salute, the logical take on things and Spock’s famous greeting, all have been constantly emulated at some level by multiple generations and even if you’re not a trekky. For many, he was and still is an inspiration of sorts, from stargazers and astronomy lovers to students and researchers, including the folks on NASA, who acknowledged as much today on Twitter. Fellow polytheists have also been showing their feelings towards Leonard Nimoy and I reckon there are some who wouldn’t mind granting him an apotheosis. Which would be fitting, if you think about it, since some of the ancient heroes were given a constellation and the man who gave life to Mr. Spock is a fitting candidate for a place among the stars. In fact, feel free to suggest the International Astronomical Union to name a constellation or galaxy after Leonard Nimoy, either by email, Facebook message or tweet. And if you want to add him to your pantheon of heroes and divine dead, feel free to do so as well. From a polytheistic point of view, there’s nothing wrong with that, as explained before. This is not monotheism, where being a god is a monopoly of one entity or an issue of restrictive dogma. A landwight, one’s ancestors and even a deceased with whom you have no family ties are gods too. And as someone with an enduring legacy that touches millions in a positive way, he’s certainly a fitting candidate for divine honours outside his family.

So live long and prosper!
And have a safe journey on your new adventure, Leonard Nimoy. Thrusters on full!

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