Protest and Remembrance

Today’s the Polytheistic Day of Protest and Remembrance, a date set by fellow polytheists in the aftermath of the destruction of sites and statues in the Middle East by Daesh, aka the so-called “Islamic State”. There was a post on the event, published just over a month ago at the website, as well as a fair share of publicity on Facebook, so today I took a few minutes to write a small prayer on a piece of paper, read it out load, sprinkle it with wine, flour and incense and burn it together with dry pine twigs. It was a gesture of acknowledgement and respect towards the gods of the Middle East, so that temples of words may rise and echo. Translated from Portuguese, it went something like this:

To the gods of Syria and Mesopotamia
I make this offering;
as homage to the deities
of Palmyra, Nineveh, Babylon, Eridu
and elsewhere in the Levant
I burn this paper offering,
this written prayer,
sprinkled with wine, flour and incense.

May it please you,
may it pay you homage,
may it pay you tribute,
may it honour and fortify you.
And may you be remembered and praised,
today and forever,
in your land and beyond it.

May your names echo
in the sands, mountains and rivers;
may your sacred sites
persist and be risen and multiplied.
And against those who today move against you,
unholy and destructive,
denying you and denying life to your own,
against Daesh may you rise
and make their efforts fruitless.

Be honoured,
gods of Syria and Mesopotamia!
Be praised,
gods of the Levant!

2015-07-31 16.36.09

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