Take a deep breath!

On the matter of Daesh (aka, the so-called “Islamic State”) and the destruction of Palmyra, there are many things that could be said, but a call to arms is not one of them. Nor is believing in Daesh’s boasts or judging the west as weak for not intervening in full force. For multiple reasons, as I explain in my latest piece at Polytheism.com (my first article is here, by the way).

Be mindful, be practical, be optimistic. Rise above the media frenzy and pierce through the screen. Don’t play into Daesh’s game. Instead, breathe deep, take a long-term view and pour a little something for Lady Spes.

In the meantime, in the spirit of honouring deities whose physical memory is being erased by Islamic extremists, there’s a small empty shelf in my room that I might turn into a domestic shrine to the Middle Eastern god Nabu or Nebo. More on that in due time, though. Still wondering if it will house Him alone, more deities or be a second domestic shrine to Mercury to host “hermetic guests”. An epithet linked to hospitality would go well with that, now that I think about it. And I would have to make new cult images, which, adding to the plan to reorganize my Vanic shrine, means I have a lot of clay work or Minerva and Khnum moments ahead of me. Polytheism – I love having so many gods!


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