Beginners’ guide finished!

So after a few weeks writing it, my beginners’ guide to Roman polytheism is finally done and published on the menu above (you can just click here). It’s not as simple and straightforward as I initially hoped for, but there’s no way of presenting the basics of Roman polytheism without pointing out the traps of both fossilization and modern notions of religion. And as a result, it came out a somewhat extensive text, though it is subdivided into several sections and the one on the things you do need nonetheless remains the more direct in terms of providing short lists.

Guia - foto

Mind you, it’s not a closed text. In time, if needed, I may add new sections and I’m open to suggestions and corrections, especially with regard to the orthopraxy. Feel free to put forward ideas for consideration. It may not be a unanimous view of the topic – nor is it meant to, because very few things in life are unanimous – but it’s supposed to be more than just my personal view of Roman polytheism.

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