Prepping up


With just four days to go before my first celebration and formal sacrifice to Quangeio, which I chose to honour annually on August 24th (see the final section here), it’s time to start getting things ready. I’ve already written an initial prayer to be uttered in the morning in front a temporary shrine, which should include the image of a dog and a candle to be offered along with the words. It’s a simple offering, but I figure that’s how a first contact should be, especially since there’s a symbolic charge in it, in that the lighting of the candle signifies the (re)kindling of His cult. Also, since I’m acting on the assumption that He’s a canine deity, the prayer will make that clear by including the words “if you are the canine god, the dog god” and several variations throughout, in a total of four “if you are”. And yes, the number is by design.

In the afternoon, my plan is to perform a formal ceremony in Roman rite, i.e. covered head, ritual fire, opening offerings of incense and wine to Janus, Vesta and Jupiter and closing libations in reversed order (so that Janus closes just as He opened and Vesta is always at the center). I’m not yet sure what I’m going to offer Quangeio, but a cake and meat, together with wine, is at the top of my list of possibilities. When inviting Him to witness the sacrifice and received what I have to offer Him, I’ll utter another prayer, longer and with my first attempt at epithets of His, though again with the “if you are” lines for good measure. Since I’m not sure if He’s a celestial or terrestrial god, I’ll work on the assumption that He has both aspects, which is not impossible, and so while some offerings to Him will be burned, others will be poured into a circular bowl with fresh soil. I should also ask Him to bless several portions of dog food, one of which I’ll give to my own as both a present – think of it as a sort of canine Christmas day – and a tribute to Quangeio. The other portions will be left outdoors for stray dogs to feed on. Once back home, having also poured outside the offerings placed on the circular bowl, I’ll take my dogs for a walk, offer them a few more treats and then finally, before sunset, light another candle with a third prayer, which should include a request for signs from Quangeio.

And then, one plays the waiting game, hoping you got things right. If not, you persist and eventually go back to the drawing board.


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