Post that won’t get me any friends

A picture with just eight words is worth a thousand of them. In this case one that nails a common feeling on this side of the Atlantic, following the US presidential election and as captured by someone’s camera on a European street:


Hopefully, French and Germans will show a greater maturity in their elections next year – or at least their electoral system will be enough of a safety valve. And the reason why I’m sharing this here, in a blog that’s not about politics, is because this week’s events have added to the feeling of alienation, of being unable to see myself in what’s said and done by an important part of US polytheists, as voiced here and elsewhere on multiple occasions since early January. Fair to say that 2016 has been a year of fracture. Which is why, in all honesty, I’m very happy about my decision to set up a blog in Portuguese, aimed first and foremost to the specifics of a Portuguese context, so as to mentally – and emotionally! – distance myself more effectively from the polarization of US society and focus instead on the idiosyncrasies of mine. I actually made up my mind about it two months ago and I won’t open the new blog until January 4th – not a randomly chosen date – but given the victory of Trumpism, I needed to get it out of my chest. There’s something of a “fuck it, I’m out of here” feeling to it (pardon my French), so there you have it. One more push in the drifting away of the stone raft. I’ll keep this site active – English does reach a bigger audience than Portuguese – but it won’t be the sole focus of my blogging attention. I really, really need a change of air.


6 thoughts on “Post that won’t get me any friends

  1. Many of us in the U.S. are scared to death from the results of the election.
    Trump one because of an archaic election system that many have been trying to get rid of.
    Your blog is a source of enlightenment. Thank you for keepingnitbin English.

    • The Electoral College is not archaic. It’s an old institution, yes, but it has a reason: in a federation where States don’t have roughly the same population, you need to balance the odds so that places with more inhabitants don’t weight too much in an election. In other words, so that States like New Hampshire can be relevant as opposed to being sided by the demographic dimension of California or Florida. This is also the reason why every State has two senators, regardless of territorial size or population: it balances the electoral weight of large and small members of the Union.

      If we in Europe had a president of the EU with the same powers as that of the US, we too would need an electoral college, because around two thirds of the population is concentrated in just five member-States (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland). And in a Union of 27… well, you need to give the smaller ones some form of advantage that will lend them a relevant voice in a presidential election. An electoral college does that, because it shifts the focus from overall votes – which favours the more populous countries – to State representation, which levels the plain field somewhat.

      So don’t blame it on the Electoral College. It can be reformed, namely by changing the way its members are awarded, from winner-takes-all to a proportional system as in Nebraska and Maine. But the blame is really on the people who voted for Trump or didn’t bother to vote at all.

  2. It’s unfortunate to see you come to this, but more unfortunate in the existence of the rhetoric which is thrown around in American polytheistic circles to necessitate it.

    It seems like those level-headed polytheists are a dying breed. :/

    Regardless, I do wish you luck. Fortune favor you.

    • I’ll still be writing here, just with a primary focus elsewhere. And by the time I finish working on my Portuguese blog, I intend to start reviewing and reorganizing some of the material here in order to harmonize both websites a bit.

  3. This Yank is not at all offended. I am glad to see more regional/local focus and writing in different languages. Our religions are after all, about the local & specific. Especially since none of us have state temples & priesthoods- well other in a metaphorical sense.

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