We’re here! Estamos aqui!

I’m breaking my blogging fast after a very hectic month to make an announcement aimed at all the Portuguese polytheists out there: there’s a group for us on Facebook. I know there are several Portuguese pagan groups on it already, but that’s the thing: they’re self-identified as pagan and hence draw a very eclectic crowd that includes wiccans, ritualists of an esoteric flavour and people who are more interested in folklore and renaissance fairs than in actually practicing polytheism. Nothing against those groups, by the way, but if we want to get things going and come up with a more organized community, we need to know what do we stand for and how many of us are there. The last Asatru World Census recorded 64 heathens in Portugal, which coupled with at least a handful of practitioners of other traditions means that there may be at least one hundred or so of us in the country. And yet most of us never heard of each other, let alone actually meeting each other and organizing ourselves. The closest thing to a polytheist organization in Portugal is the Pagan Federation, which is a text-book case of misrepresentation and bad or non-existent scholarship. For crying out loud, they still define “paganism” as a faith and nature religion that venerates the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine.

If we don’t represent ourselves, others will (mis)represent us. But in order to speak for ourselves, we must first know how many of us are there and where in the country. Only then, when we have enough numbers, can we start building a community with all its diversity of traditions, first informally, but hopefully, sometime in the future, in a more organized fashion. So if you’re Portuguese and practice one or more forms of traditional European or Mediterranean polytheism, please join the Comunidade Politeísta Portuguesa on Facebook. And if you’re not Portuguese, please spread the word.


Again, nothing against it, but we’re not a wiccan group. We don’t recognize ourselves in an esoteric paganism of eight annual festivals, magic circles and more or less explicit duotheism. Nor are we a nationalist or even political group. Our purpose is to gather those who follow traditional European and Mediterranean polytheisms, not wiccans or people with political aspirations. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, anti-Semitism and other forms of discrimination will not be tolerated.

It’s on

There are several things about the first of May that make it a good day to start something. In Ancient Rome, is seems have been taken as an auspicious day, in Ireland it was the beginning of the light half of the year and elsewhere in Europe it’s a day marked by the commemoration of the sprouting of the earth and, namely in Scandinavia, the celebration of academic success. And in my personal case, it’s also my birth month, so I’ll say again that there are several things about May that make it a good day to start something new.

This blog is one such thing. After years of mailings lists, forums and internet groups, it was born out of the desire to further interact with a growing polytheistic community that uses mostly English as a communication tool or a native language. So I distanced myself a bit from the Portuguese blogosphere to invest in a polytheistic and Anglophone project, hoping to share and learn with fellow polytheists and contribute for the furthering of online or otherwise communities of worshippers of many Gods and Goddesses.

I don’t want to repeat what I already wrote on the «About» and «Polytheism» sections, so I’ll end with two notes. The first refers to the other so far empty section on the top menu – the «First Rites» – which will host the record of sacrifices made to three deities for the success of this project: Janus, Minerva and Frey. A sort of opening ceremony that will be done somewhere in the next few days. The second note is that I just got home from a four months stay in Galicia – this text was partially written on the train from Santiago to Vigo – and I’ll be moving to Lisbon in a few weeks. It might take some time before there’s any regular posting.

This said, frith to anyone who happens to stumble upon this blog!