Public Shrines

Somewhere in the first months of 2010, a friend of mine at Facebook created a page named Public Hellenic Shrines. The goal is to collect pictures and data on the location of small shrines and altars erected by Greek polytheists from around the world, so that others may use, care for and even improve them. Inspired by the idea, and wishing to contribute to its growth, I decided to use this page at my blog to host a list of the public shrines and altars I erected to Roman, Greco-Roman, Norse or other Gods.

All posts have a picture of the altar, info on its location – generally including a map – and updates on its preservation, whenever possible. As of 2016, they’re also categorized based on their status.

To Diana in Chiqueda (Portugal)

Status unknown
To Neptune at Finisterra (Galicia, Spain)
To Hercules and Njord in Corunha (Galicia, Spain)
To Neptune in Paço de Arcos (Portugal)
A Vanic altar (Lisbon, Portugal)

To Mercury in Belem (Lisbon, Portugal)


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